North Las Vegas Restaurants That You Will Enjoy For Sure - Looking At 1 Bedroom Apartments In North-Las-Vegas
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North Las Vegas Restaurants That You Will Enjoy For Sure

North Las Vegas Restaurants That You Will Enjoy For Sure

You would think that just about any restaurants in North Las Vegas would show you a good time. While that may be true, there are some that stand above the rest of course. When you are in Vegas, you want to have a Vegas kind of time, and that includes the restaurants that you pick for eating. Let’s not waste any time here folks, as there are approximately 269 to choose from. No, I’m not going to name the all, but I am going to give you four good North Las Vegas restaurant to visit.

Andiamo Italian Restaurant is one of those top choices in North Las Vegas, and it is on Fremont Street. Would you like steak, pasta or tiramisu for dinner? If you are like me, all three sound good and can be a plated meal with dessert. Who said you had to have pasta or steak? You are on vacation so have both. Something called zip sauce also makes the menu highlights, and I found that to be really interesting.

Carson Kitchen is the next restaurant up, and it is South 6th Street. You are talking about tacos, deviled eggs, crispy chicken and more according to the menu highlights. The reviews call this bar food, exceptional bar food of course, and that certainly makes it sound even more like an interesting place indeed.

The third North Las Vegas restaurant is going to be Hugo’s Cellar, which is located on Fremont Street like the first pick. When is the last time that you had some chocolate covered fruit? That sounds scrumptious if you ask me, and I would certainly want that for dessert. As for other menu highlights, why not try some prime rib or a nice salad. That restaurant certainly is a winner on my list, and it has a cool name, too.

Okay we have one more restaurant in Vegas to visit, and it is 107 Sky Lounge, which is located at the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel Casino. Now if that doesn’t sound like a place to visit, I don’t know what does. Sliders, drinks, appetizers and more await you and this truly unique place to grab a bite to eat. Don’t waste any more time looking around. If you are visiting North Las Vegas, you now know where to eat. It is going to be a great experience at each one of these fine establishments.